APS Support UK media enquiries

APS Support UK is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping people affected by antiphospholipid syndrome so, if you have any media enquiries, just email us – we are always happy to assist.

We offer journalists working in broadcast, print or online media access to real people from across the UK who have experience of APS, as well as disease experts.

If you’re looking for a case study, we hold the details of over a hundred people with APS who are willing to share their story, give an opinion, a quote or full interview. You can see some of our case studies online but do get in touch as there are many more on our database and we can also make appeals via social media.

We also encourage people to share their own story with us and help spread the word and raise awareness of APS.

We have compiled a media factsheet to highlight the salient points and figures for you.

Patient stories

We have over one hundred case studies on file and a sample are also available to view online.

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