Be a media volunteer

Do you want to raise awareness of APS in the media?

One of our charity’s main aims is to raise awareness of APS - both amongst healthcare workers and the general public. We believe that increased awareness will result in earlier diagnosis and improved treatment for people with the condition.

Media volunteers are vital to our awareness campaign as they illustrate how APS can affect the lives of real people.

Your story or ‘case study’ could be told in a variety of different forms including medical journals, your local newspaper, a national newspaper, magazines, radio or even television. In most cases, the interview will consist of a chat on the phone with a journalist who will probably ask for a photograph to be emailed.

Your personal information will be held on a secure database, and will not be made available to anyone without your permission beforehand. We never share your data with any third parties, including other charities. You can ask us to remove your information at any time, and you are not committed to taking part in interviews we may contact you about.

Help us to highlight issues

Patients are the most valuable resource we have for raising awareness of APS and all case studies are interesting; the more we have, the better we can highlight the different issues caused by APS.

So, if you would be happy to take part in our awareness campaign and share your story, please complete and return this questionnaire and also give a brief account of your experiences including anything important you think we should know.


Complete our media questionnaire to help us understand the diagnosis and treatment of APS from the patient's point-of-view.

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