APS and Exercise

There are no specific exercise guidelines for people with APS as the level of exercise you are capable of will depend on how severely affected you are, if you suffer from joint pain or are recovering from a thrombotic event.

Many people with APS lead extremely active lives and continue playing sports, running, cycling, climbing and going to the gym, while others are much more restricted.

It will often take time to recover from a major event such as a stroke or heart attack and arthralgia can be very painful; however, it is still recommended that you try to engage in moderate to gentle regular exercise such as walking, tai chi, swimming or yoga. Tai chi is particularly helpful in overcoming balance problems and does not put any undue pressure on your joints.

If you are taking warfarin, you will have to be careful to try and prevent injuries that could make you bleed or bruise badly. Some contact sports may need to be avoided. As physical activity can also affect your INR, try to make ensure you take the same amount of exercise each day.

Exercise can help your body heal and also help you mentally, so it really is important to try to find something you enjoy doing which can easily be built into your lifestyle.