You shop, they drop!

Earn free donations when you’re shopping online

Do you shop online? Did you know that every time you buy something you could be raising money for APS Support UK?

Simply put…you shop, they drop!

That’s right - over 6,000 well-known retailers including Amazon, Argos, M&S, Boden, Just Eat, eBay, John Lewis, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic and many more, will donate a percentage of what you spend to APS Support UK when you shop with them, via

How does it work?

It’s like Nectar but instead of earning points, each purchase generates a donation. So instead of going directly to a retailer’s website, go to easyfundraising first and choose the retailer you want to shop with – then everything you spend with that retailer earns a free donation for APS Support UK. It’s completely free to use and your shopping won’t cost you a penny more.

On average, each retailer will donate .05% of the cost of your shopping - and those donations soon mount up.

So whatever you need to buy, from your weekly food shop or fashion must-have to your business travel, office supplies or mobile phone, buy it via easyfundraising and raise money for APS Support UK at no extra cost to you!


Download the app!

The easyfundraising app is the easiest way to raise! Download their FREE app to shop & raise with over 6,000 retailers, track your donations and invite people to support APS Support UK!

You can save your favourite shops, keep track of how much you've raised and receive a notification when you've raised a donation.



Never miss a donation again

Easyfundraising has come up with a great way to find donations when you shop on your laptop or computer. Simply download the Donation Reminder toolbar and every time you look for a product the search box will be right there where you need it to be.

To help maximise your fundraising efforts, it highlights over 6,000 retailers where donations are available and a helpful reminder will display when you're on the retailer's site! You can store links and it already comes with all your favourite retail categories loaded into it. The Donation Reminder tool is updated daily with the best deals available and it tracks your personal donations and APS Support UK donations as well.

Available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, the Donation Reminder toolbar makes raising donations easy. Keep an eye out as the Donation Reminder toolbar will be coming to mobile soon!

What it does:

  • Alerts you that a donation is available when you start to shop with an easyfundraising retailer
  • Tells you which retailers work with easyfundraising. There are over 6,000 retailers on easyfundraising - you might not remember them all but the Donation Reminder will
  • Shows you all the latest voucher codes and offers at a glance
  • Displays how much you and APS Support UK have raised
  • Lets you search Google or easysearch directly from easyreminder and highlights which retailers in the search results work with easyfundraising
  • Safe to use - no adware or spyware

Donation Reminder on Mobile

The donation reminder is now available on mobile! Simply download the easyfundraising app and enable the Donation Reminder feature on your Safari web browser. Easyfundraising will pop up every time a donation is available as you're shopping so you never miss out! Currently, the Donation Reminder is only available on Apple devices on iOS15+ and iPadOS15+. Click here to watch a quick 30-second video to see how it works.

Already have the app?

Open this link on your iPhone or iPad that has the easyfundraising app installed and follow the instructions to enable the Donation Reminder on your Safari web browser.


Start shopping online

Sign up with easyfundraising and choose to help our charity when you shop online. ALL donations are made to us by the retaliers and not you.

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eBay for charity

Next time you decide to sell something on eBay, you can donate a percentage of your sales directly to APS Support UK. Buyers can also bid on eBay for charity items, knowing that they are helping a good cause, be it an everyday bargain or a special auction.

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